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You can explore the collections of Downside Abbey’s Archives and Library through this search interface.

Please note that cataloguing the collections is a work in progress and new records will be added continually. Most collections are not yet available online in their entirety, and some collections are not represented at all; however, our on-site card catalogue (library only) is complete to c. 2005. If you would like to make an appointment to come and consult it, or require assistance because you cannot find what you are looking for online, please contact us. Of those items that have been catalogued electronically, the records for rare materials also have considerable copy specific information which currently cannot be viewed through this interface. If you find something for which you are interested in the copy specific information, please get in touch.

In addition, the website provides collection-level descriptions of our most important library collections and archive collections. Some of our medieval manuscript holdings can be found in Ker (1977) Medieval Manuscripts in British Libraries, Oxford: Clarendon Press. A spreadsheet of our periodical holdings is available on request.

To explore the collections through our social media channels, please see our Resources page for links to the blog, the historic bookplate and relic authentication databases, and the Monks at War gallery, amongst others.

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